The Osiligi Foundation to promote the educational, health and economic

wellbeing of the Maasai tribal community, which consists of approximately 20,000 people living on the rim and on the floor of the Rift Valley near the town of Narok in Kenya.

What We Do

Health Care

Osiligi Medical Dispensary has helped improve the health care services in the village and mostly women during birth and clinics. With the help of friends and generous donors we have expanded and began construction of a facility housing a pharmacy, traditional medicine lab, dentist office and vision center and the proposed hospital ward to accommodate the residential care of patients.

Education & Employment

Although the ending of the circumcision tradition for young women has helped to empower young girls and women advanced learning in formal Education and The Osiligi Women’s Craft Cooperative was born. The Osiligi Women’s Craft Cooperative works with local maasai women who are artisans in their own right and using artisanal skills this helps them earn a sustainable income. This allows them to support their families and themselves.

Cultural Heritage Sustainment

We envision The Maasai Cultural Arts Center with its performing arts space, museum of historical artifacts and handicraft showroom will not only help preserve the culture of the Maasai but it will also provide local employment when it becomes a tourist destination.

About Us

Kikanae Punyua established The Osiligi Foundation to promote the educational, health and economic wellbeing of the Maasai tribal community, which consists of approximately 20,000 people living on the rim and on the floor of the Rift Valley near the town of Narok in Kenya. This organization has been supported as a mission of the Saint John United Church of Columbia, Maryland and tax-deductible donations have been processed by the Saint John United Church.

Inspired by the death of his mother in childbirth and the life threatening challenges women in his tribal clan have had in labor and delivery, Kikanae dedicated himself to the construction of a medical clinic and now with its construction it is known as the Osiligi Medical Dispensary. In June 2017, the Osiligi Medical Dispensary became operational with the support for staffing and medicine coming from a MOU established by Kikanae and a couple tribal elders with the local Health Department in Narok, Kenya. while being overseen by a local committee of Punyua representatives. This clinic will be staffed with medical personnel primarily from the Punyua community, and it will practice both traditional medical remedies and western medical practices.

Our Story

Women and girls have endured much hardship in traditional Masaai culture. Beyond the struggle to give birth in unsanitary conditions, hiking daily with jugs to retrieve fresh water, working fields for vegetables, milking goats and cows and preparing meals over fires in poorly ventilated rooms, young women at a particular age have had to endure the painful procedure of "female circumcision".

This cutting of the clitoris has not only inflicted lasting physical pain but has also left emotional scars that have had a negative impact on self-esteem.

Our latest projects

Our Osiligi Dispensary

Osiligi Complex (dentistry, Laboratory and Vision Care) under Construction

The Osiligi Women Cooperative

Our products and our community work together to help people break the cycle of poverty. In the village of ole punyua where each product is handmade we are proud to make investments in key infrastructure and programs. We provide life-changing job opportunities to women. With each purchase you make you empower them for a brighter future for themselves and their families.


Fund For the Future of Our Children Leadership Grants has helped our cause, Kikanae being the recipient of the leadership grant for two consecutive years 2010 -2011 Youth leadership grant and 2011-2012 matching grant recipient. With the investment from FFC we are able to achieve more and Osiligi Medical Dispensary was complete and servicing the people. Fund for the future of our children (FFC) envisions today’s youth as tomorrow’s leaders and nurture those future leaders. FFC trusts deeply in the creative vision of youth. Thank you FFC and other generous friends for supporting us. Young people putting their faith into action. Together We change the world.

With the help of the FFC COVID-19 relief grant we were able to provide our medical staff at the clinic with protective gear, and distribute soap, masks and educational flyers about COVID-19 and how to prevent its spread.


Covid-19 Response

Your urgent help is needed to support our COVID-19 response at our Medical Dispensary and the Maasai Community here at the village. To provide critically needed medical care and supplies. Our Community is the most vulnerable population who are at extreme risk.

Your donation will enable us to provide critical medical supplies, protection gear and sanitation products to medical staff at our Osiligi Medical Dispensary and the Community.

Over the last Year we have lost over ten members of the community because of COVID-19 pandemic including Kikanae father in-law. It has hit us hard. We urgently ask you to donate today to help save lives: providing health care workers and families with the resources they need during this critical time.

Fun Facts About Our Work

People serviced by Osiligi Dispensary

Employed women cleaners and helpers

We Creating Jobs and Changing Lives

Working at The Osiligi Women Craft Cooperative

We create change and change lives

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